Meet the Crew

Lil Tone


 Anthony Townsend Jr. is an active member of his community and school. Tony is a Certified Peace Circle Keeper and has hosted and performed at over 30 poetry cafes in the Bronzeville area. He has performed live in the award winning musical Hamilton. Tony was an active member of the Peace Hub Youth Council for three years and his interests include sports, spoken word, and restorative justice. 

He is now attending University of IL in Champagne-Urbana for Pre-Engineering. 



Ta-Tanisha Robinson graduated from Little Black Pearl High School in spring of 2017. She is an accomplished dancer, spoken word artist, and singer. As a founding member of Safe & Sound youth group, she has been a leader in her community with a passion for civic engagement and volunteerism. She is a Certified Circle Keeper dedicated to social justice reform and continues to be a force in her community. 



Kamilah Duckins is a Senior at Little Black Pearl High School and is a singer, songwriter, dancer and choreographer. She plans on becoming an accomplished, professional choreographer and songwriter someday. A member of Safe & Sound since the age of 11, she has literally grown up on 

stage, in the group and the community.



Robin Brown, 21 is a founding member of Safe & Sound and has been a leader in her community with a passion for caring for others; particularly youth and seniors. She is currently attending Malcolm X College’s  to study nursing while balancing a full-time job, Safe & Sound and mentoring 4th – 8th Grade students @ Jackie Robinson Elementary. Her hobbies include reading, looming and arts and crafts. 



Tiveona Gresham, affectionately known as “Tivee”, has been taking action and building communities for as long as she can remember. She founded a group at her hometown high-school called Sisters Empowering Sisters (SiS) before moving to Illinois to address and support the lack of African-American girls at her school. After moving to Chicago from the state of Wisconsin, she connected with Safe & Sound and has been a welcome and perfect addition. Tivee is actively pursuing a degree in Social Work.   



Kray Butler Jr. is a Senior at Perspectives Charter School, Joslin Campus where he serves as Secretary of the National Honors Society. He recently acquired a highly competitive internship at the globally acclaimed, legal powerhouse, Dentons Law Firm. His passions include acting, beatmaking, and playing the keyboard. Kray is a natural teacher and, in fact, plans to pursue an education as an English Major. His future dreams include becoming a High School English Teacher and entrepreneurship. He is currently working to release his first book.